Kazakh leader demotes ally seen as succession candidate

Kazakh President Nursultan Nazarbayev sacked influential deputy prime minister Imangali Tasmagambetov on Friday and appointed him as ambassador to Russia, diminishing his chances of one day taking over the top job.
The article said that N. Nazarbayev has never nominated a successor, making the eventual political transition a source of uncertainty for investors. Reuters News Agency published an article titled «Kazakh leader demotes ally seen as succession candidate» – «Kazakh leader demote ally considered as a candidate to succeed him.”Speaking of Tasmagambetov, they describe it as one of several potential candidates to succeed, which is popular among the people, especially those who live in oil-rich western regions of the country.
Reuters News Agency put forward three major candidates for the presidency is Nazarbayev’s daughter Dariga, a member of the upper chamber of parliament,  her cousin Samat Abish, deputy head of the state security service and another potential successor, Kasym-Zhomart Tokayev, speaker of the upper chamber.
The article showed the statement of one opposition politician Amirzhan Kosanov : “Being an ambassador is more of an exile than promotion in Kazakh politics”.
Perhaps you think that this article is only suitable for Kazakhstani readers. However, it may be of interest and others as foreign politicians, heads of state and others who are interested in who takes over as president after Nazarbayev.Here and micro and macro importance of this information.
Because in the first news concerns about the future of Kazakhstan and its people.
Secondly affect relations with other countries, after resignation Nazarbayev.
And also shows the overall assessment of the situation by changing the president.

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