Kazakhstan’s economy through the eyes of USA

Picture from https://commons.wikimedia.org

Picture from https://commons.wikimedia.org

Trump has described as “miracle” economy progress of Kazakhstan.   Daily Signal clearly explains why Donald Trump should make a friendship with Kazakhstan.

Among the world leaders who called US President-elect Donald Trump with congratulations, was our leader, Nursultan Nazarbayev. Some foreign media sources report that Trump has described as “miracle” Kazakhstan’s progress over the years of independence.

Kazakhstan over the years of Independence had achieved fantastic success that can be called a “miracle”, says Donald Trump.

That’s why United States presses add a word “miracle” to the themes when they write about USA and Kazakhstan.

If Trump was referring to the economic progress made by the country since the mid-90s, he is not so far from the truth. Yes, many Central Asian countries are faced with serious economic problems, but Kazakhstan is largely bypassed its neighbors.

In the first years of independence, the country’s economy was in crisis. However, since 2000 the situation has improved – Kazakhstan’s economy has grown by 8 percent every year. If in 1998, “Heritage” Foundation put Kazakhstan on the 132nd place in the world in terms of economic freedom, nowadays it is on the 68th place, ahead of Western countries such as France and Italy. But Kazakhstan has set an ambitious goal – to enter the 30 most developed countries in the world until 2050.  

Why Trump can rightly ponder: What role can Kazakhstan play to help his administration on the world stage?

US foreign policy lost sight of the Central Asian region. But Central Asia plays important role in relation to issues as nuclear proliferation, and religious extremism. Also should take into account the unstable situation in Afghanistan. Kazakhstan is located in the center of Asia and is gradually becoming a regional leader. Kazakhstan is especially well-suited to help on the issue of nuclear nonproliferation, writes foreign press Daily Signal. The article also notes that Kazakhstan and the United States can work together in the struggle against extremism.

The author recommends president’s administration to pay attention to Kazakhstan’s potential of the oil and gas sector, which can help Europe to get rid of the need for Russian gas. Since the 90’s, Western energy giants such as Chevron and Exxon, helped Kazakhstan to develop the largest oil fields  like Tengiz, Kashagan, Karashyganak.


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