“The Guardian” in Wonderland

Famous columnist of the  “The Guardian” shocked by Astana. I do not know if they came to Astana or write article that they have read but they wrote the “truth”.  At first I really liked their irony about Nursultan Nazarbayev BUT…..

His success in 1991 makes them laugh. The fact that in the past 25 years  he remains the only president of our country shocking them. They also notes that the Nazarbayev University has become one of the best universities, but they criticizes  that the University is named after him.  So how it should be called?  It means that we can also laugh at the fact that capital city of USA   is named after the first president of the United States.

“Little wonder the Soviets chose this vast emptiness to hide their Gulags and their space programme, and to test their nuclear weapons. Much of it radioactive, it’s an agoraphobic’s vision of hell”  (Giles Fraser, Welcome to Astana, Kazakhstan: one of the strangest capital cities on Earth)

Reporters comment  the architecture of Astana, calling as unaccountable  city on the planet. From my perspective of view the capital of the country  should embody the history of the country. It should show the whole culture, the life of the country. However we live in Kazakhstan and the grass is green only in Astana . Firstly Khan Shatyr. By name you can understand how the building should look. But I believe that journalists do not know that the shatyr of khan must be the most beautiful, the richest, and should be full of miracles. In the capital’s shatyr has all the wonders of the world. Even an artificial beach,  which journalist so ridiculous comments.

I would like to protect the Bayterek. Journalists believe that the design of the Bayterek  president came up with while eating lunch and drew on a napkin. That seems to me, journalist should understand the history of building, find out why it was so called, and what is Bayterek for Kazakh. Please, do not think that this lollipop in the center of the city.

“A vase-like tower with a ball on top that the president apparently designed on the back of a napkin during a state dinner. A finance ministry shaped as a dollar bill” (Giles Fraser, Welcome to Astana, Kazakhstan: one of the strangest capital cities on Earth)

As I said before, Kazakhstan is still associated with the USSR. While I was reading this article I had a feeling that since our country was part of the Soviet Union, even if Kazakhstan is independent country it should not develop its own direction. While journalists, foreigners, tourists do not stop to think about Kazakhstan as a country of Borat in the Soviet Union, all attempts to hold the Expo, Winter Olympic Games and other activities will be useless.


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