Lack of water in South Kazakhstan


The committee of water resources has found the German investor who can help to solve a long-term problem of supply of the Southern Kazakhstan area with drinking water. As it has appeared, in the budget on it, at least for the next five years, money hasn’t been provided at all.

The southern regions of Kazakhstan suffer from a lack of pure drinking water long ago and seriously. Several state programs – either “Drinking water”, or “Joint stock company-bulak” couldn’t solve a problem.

Meanwhile, according to the chairman of committee of water resources of Islam Abishev, the state program for all water resources for all years of independence of the country hasn’t appeared. Only on April 5, 2014 the president of Kazakhstan has signed the decree on adoption of the state program of management of all water resources in Kazakhstan, but for some reason it didn’t concern drinking water. Since then the document was repeatedly corrected, changes were made to it, including economic character – one trillion tenge while amounts of works have been increased by the remained money have been saved.

As for the current investments of the German company, it, according to Abishev, not the program, but only one of many tools which are designed to resolve in parallel the questions which are brought up by that state program. In this case it just concerns drinking resources.

For example, in Saryagash district of underground sources with drinking water isn’t present at all, there are only mineralized. And the population which there are nearly 360 thousand generally uses a surface water, often without any due cleaning as you won’t drink the mineralized water much – is unhealthy even more than if you drink from superficial sources. The same situation in Kazygurt district where there are nearly 100 thousand of the population.

In Maktaaral district there is, however, a source of underground water supply – Abay, but it only one in it, at an intensive fence annually decreases by all area, and an amount of water and that becomes more and more non drinkable. However, despite it, the population grows there, demography tends to increase, plus to the Southern Kazakhstan it is more, than to other regions, oralmans come back. Situation in Shardara district is better for the little.

The committee has decided to approach it in a complex, that is together with akimat to bring mountain water from the river Ugam to these settlements. Because management of drinking water enters as it has appeared, in the separate program of development of regions. And still it has become clear that for 2017-2019 money for the solution of water problems isn’t budgeted the same as they aren’t expected in the budget for 2018-2020.

One of the reasons – still is not present documents, and first of all the feasibility study. Apparently, only the German investors can become rescue and hope in this case for residents of the Southern Kazakhstan, if the authorities of the country not only “have forgotten” to allocate funds for the solution of drinking water supply of the region, but have even not attended to it earlier.

Financing of the previous programs of drinking water supply concerned is safe “has gone to sand” and it is so successful that still nobody knows and can’t find where billions of tenge intended for the population which for years suffers in the republic from lack of drinking water have got to.

The present investment project assumes construction of hydroelectric power station with the subsequent intake of water from the river Ugam, and from this March the feasibility study will already prepare. The action will be mutual, that it is from the Kazakhstan side financing will have to go too, here it is only unknown as far as on time officials in the government will tighten the solution of this question. “We have such budgetary procedures very long”, – Abishev complains. The general financing of the project on both sides will make nearly 150 million dollars, but how many from them each party will enclose in implementation of the project while it is unknown.

Though the mechanism of return of the invested money is already solved, investors will return blood at the expense of the hydroelectric power station of the electric power developed in the future plus due to services of supply of drinking water. Respectively, for local population it threatens with increase in tariffs. Though Abishev has also promised that all this will be “reasonably” and as option – subsidizing of these tariffs from the budget.



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