Need Kazakhstan supporting from USA?

 In 1 March The World Bank has published the  about USA and Kazakhstan government’s memorandum in your site. The fact is USA agree to supporting Kazakhstan education and ready to loan 67 million $. Need Kazakhstan education financial sustaining or … ?

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Interesting thing the World Bank will give 67 million USA dollar for supporting schoolchildren especially in rural and disadvantaged schools in the country. It is expected that over 2.6 million schoolchildren will benefit from a better learning curriculum and improved quality of teaching. Is it problem for department of Minister of Education in Kazakhstan?Why? It showed finance is not enough for improving if it is problem teaching and covering benefits of village’s schools.

One reason, this finance will spend The Education Modernization Project aims to support implementation of the Kazakhstan State Program for Education and Science Development. But, What about Kazakhstan universities and where is teacher employers which already finished universities? Even, we can see the quality of University and planners of government’s finance. World Bank Country Manager for Kazakhstan Ato Brown said that:

“The Project will extensively benefit from the World Bank’s advice on international best practices. Of course, changes will not happen overnight, a gradual approach will include piloting, evaluation, refinement, and scaling up of key selected reforms. But in the long term, the Project is expected to enable individual students to obtain a higher earning potential and raise workforce productivity for the country,” said Ato Brown, World Bank Country Manager for Kazakhstan.

So, no one can’t explain the process. But, it was just plan. We will see the result near future. If this finance will spend to improving the education it will be better. If not we should return anyway and we are raise Kazakhstan’s debt for foreign countries.Because, in our country exactly in Minister of Education has corruption. 

Will the Project target over 5,000 rural and disadvantaged schools and will reduce gaps in learning resources, helping students to get a better start in life? If they will open “start up” projects then it MAY BE return that money. Another way it will just supporting the education of our country.

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