Will Kazakh city nicknamed Dubai or Moscow?

Kazakh capital nicknamed “Dubai of the North”. But, who believes people of Kazakhstan are living as people of Dubai? May be the guide of New York Times was wrong. 

Abzal Abdiev, who is guide of NYT and represented Kazakh capital with own view. As know as we understood from his tour to Astana he represented several buildings and relationship between Russia and Kazakhstan.Also, he told about how was created Astana. Of course, many things by president of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbayev. We agree with that he tried to change and example of World Presidents as who closed nuclear areas. We don’t understand why he connected every changes of  Kazakhstan with Russia? Why Kazakhstan is announced yourself as independence country? But, after reading this article we will feel yourself as citizen of Russian.

It’s easy to see why Astana was Russia’s choice to host a new track of Syrian peace talks this year. Convening talks five time zones east of Geneva — where talks have been sputtering along without progress for years — underscored what Russia’s president, Vladimir V. Putin, described recently as a desire for a “post-West” international order

We know this year  Syrian peace talks was in Astana and organizer is not Kazakhstan. It was  Russia’s choice. Here, why we can not strictly opposite? Because, we are part of Russia? Were is our status of indepence? Why Mr.Abdiev didn’t gave facts that was not our choice? So, we can not see our plans of nation from his sentences. He wrote growing our country  as the result of Astana.

He recruited famous international architects like Norman Foster to dot Astana with structures of his own conception, like a tower with a gilded globe evoking a golden egg from Kazakh legend. More than one public building has an imprint of his palm where citizens place their hands for good luck.  

So,We can agree some building of Astana is repeated the technology of building in Dubai.Like Khan Shatyr, Nazarbayev centr.But, can not accepted as main architector is Nursultan Nazarbayev. Then Why Mr.Abdiev focused Norman Foster and other architector’s jobs? Also, he said: Astana is nicknamed “Dubai in North”. But, if Astana will choice of Russia as city of organizing big forums, then Kazakh capital is nicknamed Moscow.

Do you know were located capital of Kazakhstan?


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