What do you know about democracy?

The news that Kazahstan is going to become a parliamentary board has puzzled many. For 25 years, Nazarbayev ruled this country, but it’s time to establish democracy. How did the foreign media react to this?

The BBC believes that the parliamentary government will help Kazakstan get democracy. Although, on account of this, they have a suspicion. It is clear that, in this case, Mr. Nazarbayev will no longer be able to rule the country  for  100%. Also his voice will no longer be decided for the whole country.

In many articles that I read, journalists criticize that Nazarbayev has ruled the country for so long. I agree with the fact that it looks strange, and than it reminds the monarchy.

“The role of the president as the “founder of independent Kazakhstan, the first president and the leader of the nation” will also be enshrined in the constitution.”  (Kazakhstan constitution: Will changes bring democracy?)

The journalist associated these changes with the death of Islam Karimov. He believes that after the president of Uzbekistan died, Mr. Nazarbayev changed. He made a number of changes in the law, changed many ministers and deputies, and certainly prepared himself a successor to the throne.

In last time the president makes changes to the Constitution several times. He wants to be included in the constitution, as the most honorable and first president of the country. And who knows, the next president probably also wants to stay in history.

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