He could not walk, but he runs now

Adopted 14 years ago, when he was 4 years old Timur Fergione, born with double hip dysplasia, now overcomes the distance of 5 km. He runs despite everything and thanks his American father Jim Fergione that he adopted him, writes Hartford Courant.

Timur was born in Kazakhstan with a double hip dysplasia. Up to 3 years, boy suffered several operations and did not walk until 5 years. In the orphanage he spent the first 4 years of his life.

Jim Fergione was having a mid-life crisis. At the time when he decided to adopt children, he was 52 years old. He was divorced, brought up two children. The younger one was still at school at that time. He had to work 4 years before retirement, he worked as an air traffic controller in the international Bradley airport. It was during this period that he decided to devote himself to what he loves – the upbringing children.

Later he found that in Kazakhstan, he could adopt more than one child. The first meeting between Timur and his father was in 2002, the process of adoption lasted 11 months. And in 2003, Jim Fergione adopted 4 years old Timur and 2 years old Amina. It was difficult, because children could not understand English. Timur went to the kindergarten again.

“I did not speak English. My dad had a hard time with that.” – says Tima.

Tima, his real name is Timur, but he likes to go by Tima, suffered a serious operation, and then a full rehabilitation at the Children’s Medical Center in Connecticut. According to Jim, every time he followed Tima’s first steps with a sinking after the operation, his son never complained or groaned. Despite the infernal pains, Tima did not stop walking. “I asked him: on a 10-point scale, how would you rate your pain. Tima answered: “8-9″. But not a word,” says Jim Fergione.

Before the operation, Tima couldn’t walk for more than 20 minutes without getting tired. That fall, his freshmen year, he told Jim he wanted to run cross country.

“I heard about cross country. I guess I just went off on a whim to do it. It was really a leap of faith. I enjoyed it and I stuck with it.” – said Tima, who had run a little in eighth grade before the surgery.

And nowadays Tima’s father watches how his son warms up with his teammates for running competitions. Tima enjoys cross country running, and snowboarding in the winter.

John Woike / Hartford Courant

John Woike / Hartford Courant

“He’s a terrific kid,” says trainer Dennis Lobo. “He never complains. He is an example for the rests. He’s a great team player.”

“Eighth grade, I did not like it at all. Ninth grade, it was pretty shaky. My sophomore year, I did really well. I cut like three minutes off my time. This year, it’s been pretty good.”  – says Tima.

At the moment, Jim Fergione is married to Jo-Ann Smith, formerly nurse at Connecticut Children’s Medical Center. Their daughter Amina is a second year student of Granby High, plays in a football team, also involved in athletics.

According to Jim, when he was adopting, he was asked a lot of questions. In Kazakhstan, he says, mainly women are involved in upbringing, not men, and he is embarrassed the commission for adoption, even he signed a document stating that he does not adopt children for organs.

Tima hardly remembers his early years when he lived in the orphanage. According to him, in the race he likes the finish more. “I like the feeling of accomplishment I get when I finish a race,” he says.

“It’s not hard for me to run. It’s just something I can get better at.”

Tima has not yet decided that who he wants become in the future, perhaps an engineer, he also likes mathematics, robotics and playing the guitar.

“I think how my life would have changed and how my situation would have been if he hadn’t adopted me.  I’m so lucky that out of all the children, he chose me, ” – says Tima.

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