The drowned forest in Kazakhstan



The Sun published an article about  underwater trees of Lake in Kazakhstan. they argue that this phenomenon is due to the earthquake of 1911, which caused a landslide that formed estvestvenno dam. Then the valley was flooded with rainwater.


In essence, trees usually rot when they are submerged for such a long time but the spruce trees have been preserved because the water is incredibly cold – the lake is around 2,000 metres above sea level in the Tian Shan mountains.

"THE unique and stunningly beautiful forest that lies BENEATH a lake in the wilds of Kazakhstan" - write The Sun

Another unique event is the bright blue color of the water. His cause of limestone deposits in the area surrounding the lake.


The 1911 Kebin earthquake that created Lake Kaindy was 7.7 magnitude and killed 452 people. It almost levelled the city of Almaty, which is 80 miles from the lake.


Amazingly, the trees remain intact. The trees poking through the water have been compared to the masts of sunken ships. Also, visitors are able to walk among the trees when the lake freezes over.




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