Ben. Almaty-Astana.

This article is devoted to Ben who visited Kazakhstan. Well, as is typical of all foreign newspapers, the main character wants to see the country of Borat.

At the beginning of his trip he was in Astana. Visited the symbol of the country Baiterek he also finds that he’s being quietly accompanied by a minder to keep an eye on him.

Further his journey continues to  Almaty. In Almaty he wants to see how we, Kazakhstanis, celebrate Independence Day. But it was a failure, as Almaty is not celebrating this day on a city scale. He needed to stay in Astana.

Ben goes to a dissident’s gathering, where he meets Zhanbolat Mamay, who runs one of the few remaining independent newspapers in Kazakhstan. (Kazakhstan. Episode 1 of 3)

Independence Day, this is the day when Kazakhstan became independent of the USSR. Instead of celebrating this holiday, the State Guard fears the protests of the people on this day. All events are canceled.  Our guest goes to Shymbulak, gets acquainted with the mountain, gets unnecessary information about skis, in short he get boring.

Then the fun begins. He visits the “Tragic Zhanaozen”. This topic is still closed to the Kazakhs, and it’s silly to say that foreigners can get or see more. Nevertheless he tried. He also stumbled upon the police and quickly fled from this city.


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