What is an EXPO?

For over 160 years World Expos have helped humanity make sense of change and navigate through difficult times by promoting Education, Innovation and Cooperation.

Expo is a global event that aims at educating the public, sharing innovation, promoting progress and fostering cooperation. It is organized by a host country that invites other countries, companies, international organisations, the private sector, the civil society and the general public to participate. Due to the diversity of its participants, from top decision makers to children, Expos offer a multifaceted event where extraordinary exhibitions, diplomatic encounters, business meetings, public debates and live shows take place at the same time.

Four reasons why it is unique:

  1. For the international community : Expo is a dialogue platform for progress and cooperation
  2. For the general public : Expo is an educating and entertaining experience
  3. For the host country : Expo is a tool for nation branding and development
  4. For participants : Expo allows international outreach and economic opportunities

A short history of Expo

picture from: expo2017astana.com

The World Exhibitions or EXPOs have been held for more than a half century. During this time, their popularity has incredibly grown – the exhibitions are even compared with world championships and Olympic Games. Experts have counted that since the first exhibition in London held in 1851, EXPO has been visited by more than a billion people from around the world. People are attracted to the chance to see technical innovations. After all, many inventions, which received their start at EXPOs, are now used in our everyday life: telephone, x-ray scanner, zipper, ice-cream waffle cups, TV set, touch screens etc. It is so interesting to know what technical innovations will surprise us at EXPO-2017! Inventors are already preparing to present their projects in Astana. In the meantime, let us recall the 10 most famous inventions presented at the World Exhibitions.

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