Teachers are forced to buy Expo-2017 tickets

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What you should know before coming to EXPO-2017?

Eurasianet.org: Teachers in Kazakhstan have reportedly complained that their bosses are forcing them to buy tickets for the EXPO-2017 world fair in Astana, raising questions about the extent authorities are going to in trying to make the event a success.

A teacher at a school in the Zaisansky district in the East Kazakhstan region told the broadcaster that he was required to buy a ticket by his superior. Twenty tickets were brought to his place of work to be sold in a similar fashion, he said.

“E-tickets were sent by the regional administrative center. The school has to buy 20 tickets. A few teachers have bought tickets for 6,000 tenge. But I am not going myself. During the exhibition, it will be time for gathering in the hay,” he said.

History of EXPO

The head of the Zaisansky district department of education said that tickets were indeed offered to teachers, but only as a way to spread awareness of the fair.

“The head of the region said that the EXPO is the policy of the president, the state, and he instructed us, the heads of villages and community leaders, to spread the word. We told the teachers that there were tickets and that it would only be right if they visited the exhibition. Those who want to can go, the others know what to do,” he said.

A teacher from the same region told  that she too was  forced to buy ticket, although she only paid 4,000 tenge. She said she has no plans to go herself, but will give the tickets instead to her children, who live in Astana.

How to buy tickets on EXPO-2017?

The cost of tickets for EXPO-2017 varies from 4 000 to 8 000 tenge(13-25$). You can buy tickets online and in the official ticket offices. The category of Kazakhstanis who will get tickets for free is also defined. The most expensive — limited souvenir — 20 000 tenge(64 $). Today their number is 10 000pieces. At the same time, the national company launched sales in 7 cities of Russia: Moscow, St. Petersburg, Sochi, Kazan, Novosibirsk, Nizhny Novgorod and Yekaterinburg. In total, there are 45 seats for ticket sales in Russia.

From the beginning of the start of sales to the exhibition «EXPO-2017″ sold more than 670 thousand tickets. Out of this number, 13% were acquired by foreigners.


KazPost starts selling EXPO-2017 tickets

Fixed-date ticket for a working day costs 4000 tenge and for weekend — 6000 tenge. Apart from that, open-date tickets are available for 6000 and 8000 tenge for working days and weekend respectively. Operators at the post office branches will register the electronic tickets via the official website for EXPO-2017 ticket sale — tickets.expo2017astana.com
The website provides the list of the ticket sale points.

 «At this time, our tickets are sold at 15 points of the largest retail network» Marvin «-» Meloman «and almost 1000 branches of Kazpost. This week tickets will begin to be sold together with railway tickets in all 220 railway ticket offices throughout the country, «said Daulet Yerkimbaev, director of the commercialization department of JSC» NC «Astana EXPO-2017″

You can pay with cash or credit. Tickets sale will be on until the last day of the EXPO-2017, 10 September 2017. Tickets for EXPO-2017 are available for sale at numerous retail points in cities across Kazakhstan, but to the anxiety of organizers, demand appears to be weak.One fact, Our government will give for 9 billion tenge.Also one fact only Rihanna will come for 2 million $.So, In this exibition will organized Dimash Kudaibergenov’s own concert on June 27.

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