State workers have to buy tickets of EXPO-2017

Teachers in Kazakhstan said that they are forced to buy tickets for the EXPO-2017 in Astana, reported Eurasianet.

EXPO-2017 starts on 10th June and continues till 10th September devoted to the theme of optimizing energy use. A lot of countries will participate on this exhibition. Organizers predicted that 2 million people will visit Astana to see the exhibition.

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Radio Azattyq has reported that some teachers are forced to buy tickets. A teacher of school in Zaisan district in the East Kazakhstan region told the broadcaster that he was required to buy a ticket by his superior.

“E-tickets were sent by the regional administrative center. The school has to buy 20 tickets. A few teachers have bought tickets for 6,000 tenge. But I am not going myself. During the exhibition, it will be time for gathering in the hay,” he said.

A teacher from the same region also was made to buy a ticket, although she only paid 4,000 tenge. She said she has no plans to go herself, but will give the tickets instead to her children, who live in Astana.

The head of the Zaisan district department of education said that tickets were indeed offered to teachers, but only as a way to spread awareness of the exhibition.

“We told the teachers that there were tickets and that it would be right if they visited the exhibition” he said.

Organizers of the exhibition have said that forcing people to buy tickets is illegal. The head of the public affairs department of EXPO-2017, Sergey Kuyanov said there have been 20 recorded cases of illegal tickets sales since the start of the year. Workers in the medical sector have also reportedly been forced to buy tickets.

“In connection with these occurrences, we have created a special WhatsApp hotline. Teachers can take pictures of their purchased ticket and send it to us, and we will investigate every case,” Sergey Kuyanov said.

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