Another Triumph or Defeat of Gennady Golovkin.

It happened again on 18 of March night. However He don’t knocked out his challenger.  The fans didn’t care about that it was a short night. They just wait for Triple G knock someone down.  Only Gennady Golovkin will be able to wake up the whole country early in the morning on holiday.  

Every time people expect a brilliant result from him. Gennady Golovkin is synonymous of the word knockout. But the last fight with Daniel Jacobs shook the reputation of “Crazy Gennady”

In this fight he had a very strong opponent. They boxed 12 rounds, Golovkin won Jacobs boxing technique. According to the New York Times for Golovkin, who went to the fight unbeaten and, according to many observers, a victory in 12 rounds did not become valuable in his career. Perhaps, deprived him of something more valuable than the 37th victory in his professional career. His aura of invincibility, an imaginary armor, disappeared.

Despite coming up a little short on the scorecards, Jacobs won over the capacity crowd with his resilience and earned admiration from a boxing world that had almost unanimously expected him to be steamrollered. (For Golovkin and Jacobs, Line Between Winning and Losing Is a Fine One,  WALLACE MATTHEWS)

But Jacobs is a real hero. After all, he withstood all the attacks of Golovkin, and did not let himself be knocked out. He fought well. Boxing fans have a lot of hints about why Golovkin could not knock out Jacobs. Including his age. This year he turns 35 years old. For a boxer, this already matters. But we know that he never lost any fights.  The most interesting  things no one says that Jacobs lost, on the contrary Gennady could not knock out. Because he said “It was a good fight; he is a very good fighter,”  “This was my toughest fight.”


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