Let’s know about before were was Expo and when?


Expo 2015 travel guide

Expo 2015 travel guideĺ

Expo 2005, held in the eastern hills of Nagoya, Japan in the suburbs of Nagakute and Seto, Expo 2005’s site was created such that most of the land would be returned to its original parkland afterwards. Most of the wooded site was undisturbed and visitors traveled by gondola or bus between two separate sites.

Expo 2008, hosted in Spain. It beat out Thessaloniki, Greece and Trieste, Italy for this honor. Spain previously hosted Expo ’92 in Seville.

Expo 2010 in China

Expo 2010 in China

Expo 2010,China’s first world’s fair and the largest in history by size, attendance, and international participants, Expo 2010 even saw the largest world’s fair attendance in a single day: over one million on 16 October 2010. Exhibition  broke the record for area previously held by the 1904 Louisiana Purchase Exposition and the record for attendance previously held by Expo 70.

Expo 2012 opened in the port city of Yeosu, South Korea on 12 May 2012. A “recognized” exposition by the BIE, it closed meeting its goal of 8 million visits.

Expo 2015 was held just northwest of Milan’s city center under the theme “Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life.” It was the first world’s fair with a food theme.


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