What is the Kazakh national drink ?


Food beans coffee drink. Photo from: flickr.com


We know “Kymyz”,”Shubat”,”Shalap” are Kazakh national drinks. But, we don’t know most drinking Kazakh drinks and where will take tea and coffee? We will know toghether.

How Kazakhstan estabilishing coffee culture?

The potential of coffee in Kazakhstan major international chains set up shop there in last year. Both Starbucks and Costa have Kazakh operations. Almaty and Astana, Kazakhstan’s biggest cities, are driving a surge in coffee consumption while coffee culture is rapidly establishing itself nationwide.While tea dominates Kazakh tea and coffee imports, its comparatively more exotic cousin features on import profiles too. Imports of coffee, including fresh, dried, and instant varieties, hover around $4-5 million dollars annually.
 Foreign companies, and their Kazakh offices, are market leaders when it comes to coffee in Kazakhstan. The biggest player is Mondelez Kazakhstan with a value share of 28%. It offers two popular brands, Jacobs and Carte Noir, which outstrip sales of the other biggest international producer Nestlé and its Nescafé label.

Which country exports tea and coffee to Kazakhstan?

Kazakhstan imports tea and coffee products from over 28 countries. Its chief tea suppliers are India, Sri Lanka, China, the UAE and Kenya. Coffee, on the other hand, is not primarily sourced from African or South  American producers as you might expect. Kazakhstan’s coffee tastes are distinctly European.

Euromonitor predicts coffee is here to stay in Kazakhstan. Why? Thanks to Kazakhstan engaging in greater levels of international trade, citizens of its major urban areas are getting more in touch with European culture – of which coffee drinking is a major part


Hot tea. Photo from: Flickr.com

  Foreign visitors, such as American businesspeople or Turkish construction workers request coffees to start their days meaning more hotels, restaurants and vending machines are offering coffee drinks.Russia is the nation’s biggest coffee trading partner, exporting around products worth around $2 million annually. Italy and Germany are also big suppliers of coffee to the Kazakh market.

All this makes Kazakhstan are market to watch for international coffee producers.

May be you asked, From national drink to world brand


Source: www.food-exhibitions.com

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