The most difficult simultaneous translation

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We got to know  Ainur after one meeting. She has wearing headphone and speaking in different languages. After meeting we were the witnessed that foreigners were thankful to her. When we asked about her works she said: “Simultaneous interpreter”. We asked, “What is the simultaneous translation and where we can learn it?”

I had finished bachelor program at KIMEP University in Kazakhstan and I continued MA program in Shanghai. After I finished university I have accepted to “Kazakhmys” corporation as a conference interpreter. I think this kind of translator favourable for men. Because, it needs hardworking, endurance. Girls are fragile and weak. Sometimes I physically tired. I wanna work to develop my country. Also, I’m starting works on simultaneous translation’s way.

Good translator must have a thorough knowledge.

During the working event, the translator has a break after 25 minutes. It helps to the system of the brain and nervous. most of all translator should give a clear idea. Sometimes, you will lose information what you have. Each language has own thoughts and method of using. For example Kazakh proverbs. You should value to time, people and numbers. Sometimes, speaker talks so fast. In this reason, an interpreter can be refusing. Each person has different speech etiquette. Sometimes speaker talks logical, some of them without thinking what are talking. This why the translator should give only speaker’s idea.

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Conference time,Shanghai,2014

Conference time,Shanghai,2014

The translator should have rich lexicon and education. Because, while the meeting person who has taken role of a speaker may be talking about last trends. This why the translator should aware with last news. Some leaders add a lot of empty words. I will take away those words from the sentence. I will ask how can I work. Even I am not ashamed of asking something. Because it helps my professionality. Foreigners want to know my nationality.

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When I speaking in Chinese they asked “Are you chinese?” or in russian “Are you from Russia?”

In my opinion, it is the high mark that has given to simultaneous interpreter. Because, the manner of speech, intonation is very important. Until this day I didn’t get this kind of comment “you are speaking of mistakes, this is wrong”.

Interpreter prices per hour in Beijing.  Taken from

Interpreter prices per hour in Beijing.
Taken from

I was working New York, Los Angels, Washington and Mississippi, Florida states. I want to learn Arabic and French languages. My father said: “It is enough. You can work with these languages”. One of my minus I can’t translate artwork. Because it is too long and you should feel and think that work as a writer. To do this, you should read a lot of books. I am close to official style. Finally, I want to say the most difficult simultaneous translation. But, a person can do what love to do.

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Author: Article based on Gulfarida ZEINULLINA’s article on  “Ulan” newspaper 


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