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Ainur Darkhankyzy who is working as a simultaneous translator in “Kazakhmys” corporation. As she said this kind of translator’s salary less in our country. Even our country started educating the translators too late. But, how she became a good translator?

She was born in Urumqi, China. She was moved to Kazakhstan in 2000. That time Ainur was studying in third class at school. In the game area and school were Chinese children. She knows the Kazakh language not well. She has studied third class again. But Ainur studied as well. She felt not convenient because she studied with one year younger generation. She asked from school because she wanted to study 11 class with 10 class together.  Head of school supported her and gave a permission. Thus, She studied until noon 10 class, afternoon 11 class and finished for “Gold mark”. After school, she graduated to  KIMEP university. After that, she applies to Beijing and Shanghai universities and she got inviting from Shanghai for the section of simultaneous translations. There she has studied 3 languages (English, Chinese, Russian). 

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Ainur Darkhan,2015

Ainur Darkhan,2015

“I studied until noon 10 class, afternoon 11 class”, said Ainur

In our country “simultaneous translation”  started studying as special occupation last years. Of course, in China, this profession is the necessary before than Kazakhstan. Studying abroad was easy for Ainur. Because she knew Chinese from childhood, she learnt Russian at school years and English from university year. But last years of MA program became the harder for her. She tried to participate different pieces of training. Also, she has good teachers. Like Lee Ray Rong, who is working in United Nations. 

United Nations, A Day in the Life of Real Interpreters, (From youtube.com)

In KIMEP University has a good tendency. Every year they conduct the survey. That is, asks “What are you doing?”,”Which sphere are you working?” and etc. She wrote is studying for simultaneous translation. Maybe university sent her CV to “Kazakhmys” corporation. After I finishing university she entered that corporation as project translator. Who knows, maybe she can not find work if she has studied another profession. Now, her salary 500 000 tenges (1607$). It is the high salary that paid to interpreters in Kazakhstan. She said everything came her with her wish that she want to get high education. 

Taken from interpretersoapbox.com

Taken from interpretersoapbox.com


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Author: Article based on Gulfarida ZEINULLINA’S article on  “Ulan” newspaper 



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