The secrets of meningitis

Humans one of the most secret sicks – meningitis or brain inflammation.Up to this time, meningitis solution opened scientists from Russia.For this purpose, the Research Institute of Epidemiology of the Ministry of Health of Russia from doctors had some sheets of sick history.

At one time ,scientists first studied the cause of the deterioration of the meningitis bacteria genome in Moscow. Recall that in 2003, the city was only about three hundred people stricken with this disease, the risk of epidemics surge. The population really became nervous. But then defined people are afraid of nothing. The outbreak of the disease will be terminated immediately. This have two case: First of all, the residents immediately vaccinated. Secondly, this type of meningitis experts fear it turned out to be different. This was thanks to a thorough examination of the history of Russia Chapter meningitis. welcome Meningitis aren’t like the way other infections,this is a specific disease.  Also, the disease never progressive in two countries:Japan and Sweden.Unfortunately, in Russia has been developing this disease. The reason is this: Meningitis is very close and is more common among low-income residents. As we know ,in Moscow a lot of population. One of the three great epidemics was in Russia in the 20th century. Moreover, the destruction of the people of this disease unexpectedly increased. 1492201630 What is the reason of meningitis ? The causative agent of meningococcal meningitis is always “live among us”.  Is the carrier and asked him about 1-10 percent of the population, but they missing. Normally, the meningococcal no label at the back of the throat without a live, one or two weeks and then will be destroyed by the immune system. At first glance, a harmless bacterium could not explain why no one can cause dangerous infections. Russia epidemiologists researches meningococcal genome, using up-to-date knowledge about research showed that it is possible to protect yourself before.

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Article was written by  S.Zigunenko, from  «Densaulyk» journal.


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