Men suffers more meningitis than women

Many of directors of the institutions where the incidents of morbidity occurred were sure that this is nothing but an act of terrorism: how else could they explain the fact that the illness was overtaken only by a strong sex?

Imagine a cheerful party somewhere in the factory dormitory, where dashingly dance both guys and girls. The next morning the most cheerful dancer dies of meningitis — the disease develops rapidly. Many guys go to the hospital, and the girls do not show any signs of the disease.

Bacterial meningitis which come from outside.

Bacterial meningitis which come from outside.

So, after the Great Patriotic War, there was simply no one to get meningitis — many millions of young men, who usually give a picture of a serious illness, have knocked out of the population. Therefore, the incidence was then the lowest in the twentieth century — 0.3 per 100 thousand of the population. Meningitis became a rare phenomenon in Russia, and when in the late 1960s a new outbreak of this disease occurred in the USSR, many doctors did not even know its symptoms well.


Article was written by  S.Zigunenko, from  «Densaulyk» journal.

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