“KazSat-2” Do we have problems?!

picture from: inhabitat.com

picture from: inhabitat.com

KazSat-2 satellite, radar, replacing plans to launch a satellite. This cooperation between Kazakhstan and Russia on journalists during the “round table” Vice-Minister of Defense and the aerospace industry of the Republic of Kazakhstan Marat Nurguzhin said, the agency reports “Turkystan” newspaper by Kalym Zhanibek.  

“We have satellites planned replacement measures are taken into account. Each device has a service life. “KazSat-2” satellite by 2023 must be replaced. At the same time, we are working on remote sensing system. Weather conditions will not consider to launch a radar satellite, which is able to work both day and night. In particular, the replacement of satellites, as well as the development plan prepared in the context of the existing system “, said Mr. Nurguzhin. According to him, at present, the investment projects are being considered. While substituting “KazSat-2” satellite “KazSat-2-R” satellite costs are unknown. In addition, the vice-minister in the past, “Zenith” missiles launched from “Baikonur” cosmodrome assembly and test facility in Russia from the lease, “Baiterek” Kazakhstani venture tapsıralatının said. At the same time, “Baiterek” complex missiles supplied by the Federation of Russia. They “Phoenix” project average missiles. About this complex “Baiterek” rocket launch is planned for 2024.

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