History of KazSat-2

The orbital group of «KazSat-2» satellites allows organizing effective channels of satellite communications on central Asia countries.

That failure notwithstanding, Kazakhstan continued — despite some muted grumbling — to put its faith in Khrunichev and committed to KazSat-2. In mid-2009, then-Prime Minister Karim Masimov demanded intensified quality control from the Moscow-based manufacturer for what would become Kazakhstan’s second satellite.

Again, the project was beset by delays. An initial December 2010 launch date was missed. The revised appointment for a March 2011 launch also came and went. Finally, on July 16, 2011, a Proton rocket carried KazSat-2 into orbit. Like its doomed predecessor, the satellite is intended to operate for more than 12 years.

Other than some minor glitches, KazSat-2 has proven reliable so far. In June 2015, intense solar activity was cited as a reason for the transponders going offline. By the next day, however, all was back to normal.

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