Kuat Khamitov lost the fight for the world title

A fighter from Vladivostok Magomedsigid Alibekov, representing the Gladiator club, in the title fight of the Fight Nights Global 63 tournament against the athlete from Kazakhstan Kuat Hamitov, managed to defend the title of champion. In the five-round confrontation, the majority of judges preferred Vladivostok. Kuat Khamitov did not agree with the decision of the panel of arbitrators and summoned Saigid to a rematch, PrimaMedia reported.

“Thanks to Vladivostok for their support, I carefully prepared to defend my title, I am very glad that I managed to defend the championship.” Thanks to all my coaching staff. “I ask people not to write bad things on social networks, because before the fight it was unpleasant to read all this. Let’s respect each other, I’m ready for any opponent to prove that I’m faster, more technical, more powerful, “Alibekov said after the victory.


However, Kuat Khamitov did not agree with the verdict of the judges, stating. That he wants revenge.

“I took at least three rounds, I’m sure I was more technical than Saigid and I had to win on points.” Alibekov is a very good fighter, I respect him, but he did not win me, so I do not deserve my defeat, I call Alibekov for the match A rematch, but already in Kazakhstan, “Kuat Khamitov said.

Magomedsigid Alibekov replied that he agrees to fight again, but the final decision is for the organizers.

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