What did Trump and Nazarbayev discuss at the meeting?

I found an article about Kazakhstan on the site of CNBC. CNBC (Consumer News and Business Channel) is an American basic cable, internet and satellite business news television channel. It was published on January 31. Article about Nursultan Nazarbayev’s meeting with US President Donald Trump and about the US and China’s investment in Kazakhstan. In my opinion, the article is written very professionally and interestingly for the reader. Because there are many useful figures and facts about investing foreign countries in Kazakhstan.

Photo from cnbc.com

But if you think from a journalistic point of view, this article can not be called multimedia. There is only a long text and a photo. As we know, you could add video, infographic or something else interesting.

If you disassemble the content, then the material is written from the point of view of America. Several opinions of experts from the US and China have been written, but there are no Kazakhstani experts. The main idea of the article, Kazakhstan is a very convenient country for investment, China uses it in full, and during a business meeting, the Kazakh president signed with Trump a lot of a contract for investment in the future.

The information is very trustworthy, there are links to the Kazakhstan sites as government.kz.   I would say that this is purely an informational article. But there was no investigative journalist to disparage the content. From 5 points I give 3. Because from foreign sites I expected much more interesting content about Kazakhstan.



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