Kazakhstan is stepping forward. Where to?


Photo from “I’m Possible” paralympic movement’s training. kazinform.kz

I have google alerts set in my gmail account to let me know if foreign media in English writes something about Kazakhstan. And on February 13th, I got regular mailing. And one of news there catched my attention, so I want to share it with you.

The news I read had a topic  I’mPOSSIBLE takes step forward in Kazakhstan. It is taken from paralympic.org. The news is about Paralympic movement I’m Possible, which now started working in Kazakhstan also. We had first meeting deducted to technics on how to teach disabled children Physical Education in schools. I think that is really big and important step taken forward not only because some of them can be Paralympian as Kairat Boranbayev, President of NPC Kazakhstan said, but is also important because every person in the country and in the world have equal rights to take good education.

Now let’s make a quick analysis of the article:

  • The article is true
  • It gave good information about the event happened in Kazakhstan
  • It is structured in terms of narration
  • The language is good and understandable
  • It is written in simple and basic linear type of delivering information (Want to learn more about that? Check this)

So the article is good and made me happy because something for disabled people is taking place. But then I wanted to search about it in Kazakhstani media, I ended up almost with nothing. Maybe my serach was incorrect but I have found only kazinform.kz’s article. I think this news important, by delivering and sharing it the movement could find sponsors or support maybe to make World greater for everyone. But Kazakhstani media didn’t talk about a lot. Unfortunately.

This is all for today. Till the next time!

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