Nazarbayev banned ministers to speaking in Russian Language

I found an article about Kazakhstan on the site of VOA news is a english news from the Voice of America. VOA provides complete coverage of the U.S, Asia, Africa and the Mideast. The article was published on February 27 this year. The article was about how Nazarbayev forbade speaking Russian at Cabinet meetings.

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I would like to note that, a photo in the article of the President of Kazakhstan was taken in 2015 at a speech at the Presidential Palace in Astana. This already indicates that the site doesn’t have a strong relationship to other countries.
In general, the article really liked. One of the ministers was allowed to speak Russian, with the permission of President Nazarbayev, this is a fact. They did not miss the conversation about the president himself and about his beginning of work since 1989. A lot was said by the word “Veteran”, this is not entirely correct.

There were statistics in 2009, when only 62% of the population spoke Kazakh, when the percentage in Russian was 85%. In general, it is very literate, it is understandable for every reader and the facts are written about the event.

I will give 8/10 points for this article.

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