Spring and memories

Spring is a wonderful time of the year. At this time nature awakens. Not only flowers bloom, but also people’s feelings.

For students this time is the most memorable in their life. Every spring, since our University moved to the new campus, full of surprises. No wonder we call it “the most friendly university.” Two times in the academic year we have a charity fair “Kermez”. The needlewomen, confectioners, cooks of our university collect their products and sell them to students, teachers and employees. Earned money go to charity.

Spring, as we all know, begins in March. The first day falls on the international women’s day. This year, SDU marked it magnificently. At the entrance everything was decorated with white-red balls in the form of hearts. Happy girls with flowers and valentines walked around the university. Guys also smiled brightly at everyone and congratulated girls and teachers. Marvelous atmosphere.

But there was no time to relax, because soon Nauryz was coming! A holiday signifying a new year. There is a tradition that is adhered to in our university. Each year, yurts from each faculty are built between campus and dormitory. All dress up in national costumes. Kazakh national games are held. Everywhere students and teachers are preparing delicious, fragrant dishes, which everyone would like to try. They rent horses, camels, beagle dogs and birds of prey. Establish a special scene for songs and games. Everything passes at the highest level. But, is there such a holiday for us this year? Hope so. Such events are not only for fun, they connect all together to be friendly and caring for each other.

I increasingly think about how I’ll miss this atmosphere after graduation from the university. Sometimes I just want to get out of the building and look at this incredibly beautiful nature that surrounds this place. And I clearly understand that after a year it will be only a memory.


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