The tragedy of Kemerovo: The catastrophe in Russia be a lesson for everyone

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The World Mass Media are spreading about the tragic event in Kemerovo, Russia. By the latest official information, the number of people died in a fire at the shopping and entertainment center “Zimniaia vishnia” has reached 64 people. Another 12 people were taken to the hospital and 10 people were missing.

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A fire broke out on March 25 in the center of Kemerovo, the administrative center of the Kemerovo region. “Zimniaia vishnia” is four-storeyed building with facilities for entertainment center such as a coffee shop, a banking subdivision, a children’s center, a fitness center, a cinema, a swimming pool, a playground.

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According to the Investigative Committee, the fire extinguishing center has been closed for emergencies. The staff of the center were unable to save the survivors from the fire. It is said that there are many children among the dead.

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In this regard, the President of Kazakhstan conveyed condolences to the President of Russia

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The tragedy of Kamerovo should also encourage others. How many shopping malls and other facilities in our country are ready for emergency situations? How much fire safety has been preserved? After the events in Russia, similar questions are inevitable.

According to the Ministry of Internal Affairs, in order to avoid tragic events in the country’s shopping malls, a preliminary inspection is under way.

Deputy Interior Minister Yuri Ilyin said:


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– We don’t have a lot of lazy facilities. Therefore planned inspections are conducted on a regular basis. In the event of a violation of the Terms, we will submit them to the judiciary for bringing them to justice. We are obliged to inform in advance that the business will be audited. They try to eliminate some of the shortcomings before the inspectors arrive. After leaving the inspector, there are those who shut down the evacuation doors to save money by reducing the number of security firms.


Deputy Chairman of the Majilis Vladimir Bozhko, who answered the journalists’ questions after the Government hour in Parliament, also spoke about this.


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– All the most visited objects belong to the first category of fire-prevention facilities. These facilities are tested every year, and we have introduced it seven years ago. In my opinion, the Ministry of Internal Affairs is trying to prevent the catastrophe like in Kemerovo,- said former Emergency Minister

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How do you forget that two years ago a fire in the Almaty Towers Business Center destroyed 6 people? Even those who survived the fire could not get out of the closed door and burned alive. Thus, the procedure introduced by V.Bozhko 7 years ago as Minister of Emergency Situations was not preserved in Almaty Towers. In other objects? There are other similar examples. But the problem is not the sequencing of the tragedies that had happened before, but also the fact that it was not repeated.

The first data on the deaths of the victims of the Kemerovo tragedy are being published. Looking at the preceding list, almost half of the dead are children. The abandoned children are victims of greed and greed, such as locking a spare door to save money, ignoring other safety rules. Instead of promoting the axioms known as “no accident,” it is desirable that in the future, it is necessary to prevent and safeguard people’s safety.
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Arnur Askar
Egemen Qazaqstan / №57 (29288) / 27 March, Tuesday 2018 year

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