Corruption in Kazakhstan as one of the main problems

Nowadays, the problem of corruption is one of the main issues that are relevant not only in Kazakhstan, but also for most countries in the world. Corruption knows no bounds. Today, the notion of “corruption” is often mentioned in magazines and newspaper articles in many publications around the world.

You can say that corruption is the abuse of one’s powers in personal interests. Corruption has a negative impact on all spheres of society: politics, the economy, the social sphere; The negative consequences created by this phenomenon pose a real threat to the interests of national security. World practice shows that corruption is an inevitable attribute to which Kazakhstan belongs. One of the main causes of corruption is the low wages of citizens, including civil servants, the underdevelopment and imperfection of legislation, the ineffectiveness of institutions of power, the weak personnel policy of the state, the poor quality of the work of the judicial system, nepotism, the passive attitude of society towards self-will and lawlessness on the part of the authorities.Corruption causes irreparable harm to the state as a whole, and to every citizen who is a part of this state. Corruption leads to inefficient use of public funds, some of which go to personal enrichment of state officials. At the present time, many studies, monitoring of countries, on the level of corruption are conducted. The most significant of them are the Perception of Corruption Index, the Bribe Payers Index, the International Crime Victims Survey, the Opacity Index, the State Purity Assessment System, the Globalization Index and others. For Kazakhstan, the overcoming of corruption is one of the main directions of state policy, the priority of which was clearly outlined by the Head of State of the Leader of the Nation, N. A. Nazarbayev. In a message to the people of Kazakhstan of November 30, 2015, “Kazakhstan in a new globality, reality, reforms” and in the Plan of the Nation “100 concrete steps” to enter the top thirty developed countries in the new historical conditions in which it is said about the need to strengthen the fight against corruption, including the development of a new anti-corruption legislature food. Kazakhstan was the first among the CIS countries to develop and adopt the Law “On Combating Corruption”, which was aimed at protecting the rights and freedoms of citizens, ensuring the national security of the Republic of Kazakhstan from threats arising from corruption, ensuring the effective operation of state bodies, officials and other persons performing state functions, as well as persons equated to them, by preventing, detecting, suppressing and uncovering offenses related to corruption, eliminating their consequences and bringing perpetrators to responsibility nnosti, defines the basic principles of the fight against corruption, establishes the types of offenses related to corruption, as well as the conditions of liability. In order to improve anti-corruption legislation, a number of new laws were adopted, and on January 22, 2016, the Law “On Counteracting Corruption” was adopted. On November 23, 2015, the Law of the Republic of Kazakhstan “On Civil Service in the Republic of Kazakhstan”, December 29, 2015 Ethical Code of Civil Servants (Rules of Service Ethics of Public employees) and so on.

Last July in Turkestan the trial of  the head of the local veterinary service began. He was accused  in receiving a bribe in the amount of 220 thousand tenge. The bribe-taker was waiting for a prison term or a fine of 13 200 000. Judge Omar Serikbaev offered lived to pay the defendant a fine for a fee of three million tenge. When he received a bribe, he was detained by the regional department National Anti-Corruption Bureau. And the investigators qualified Serikbaev’s act as fraud. This was explained by the fact, that the chairman of the city court does not could not influence the outcome of the case. In addition to freedom, the former judge lost his property and the the right to hold public office.

Summing up, we can conclude that in Kazakhstan to fight corruption, the legislative base has been formed, now it is up to each of us, as a citizen of our country, whether we will be able to overcome the phenomenon of corruption, to make a step forward in the development of both the country and each person generally.

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