How is the life of young people in village?


During the participation in event

Moyynkum district, located far from the Zhambyl region, today this locality is gradually rising to its feet and developing.  Also the House of Culture, where the windows was covered with thick cobwebs again dissolved their doors. Let’s now  find out  how the youth  live in this area.

“Go for 200 kilometers or a significant contribution of the youth of the area”

In Moyinkum district lives 32770 citizens:

Index of citizens in percentages













26 specialists of the youth resource center hold special courses with young people. These people from the organisation make their way in 3 hours or 200 kilometers to hold meetings on the theme of “Youth-the eternal country”, “There is no place-corruption”, “Youth love-peace” and so on.   Due to work on the employment of young people, 11 out of 22 people were able to find a permanent job.

“Abzal’s enterprise became an example for young entrepreneurs”

Abzal has been growing a quail for 2 years, and is selling his egg to local residents at a low price.

Abzal’s enterprise of quial

– The delivery of an egg from outside has become the reason for me to open this business. I was sitting on the Internet and searching how to care for and grow a quail. I plan to get a loan for the program ” Providing work-2020″ and open my big shopping complex. Where I will be selling not only a quail egg but also duck-goose meat, – he shared with his plans.

Abzal has become an example for many, also he has  a shop where the sandblast manufactures.

Now another young man who inspired by Abzal  started a new business, he owns  a small herding business. And so, for unemployed young people, “One shovel gradually appears in two hands” .

“Without the Internet, youth work would be unknown”

Indeed, no one else was aware of the ongoing projects in the Moynkum district. According to the Yerkebulan Abasov director of the youth resource center, there are many works done by the young. However, only advertising is lame.

– In the district there are a lot of projects being made and started. For example, in the Kusaman village, a communications tower Beeline was installed for the first time. Now the city has an excellent connection. Also, many requests have been received from the youth to build a theater. As you can see, a lot of things are happening, but there is no Internet to advertise on this in social networks, – he adds.

“400 people are hired for work per year”

If we talk about the level of job security, then the work done makes us happy.

Indicators of the number of people provided with work














Also there a lot of young people who have found their places by working in villages through the “To village with diploma” progarm. During the last 7 years 355 specialists of various spheres came to area.

“In the district there were not registered any offenders of orders”

The youth during the meeting

If last year there were 4 lawbreakers registered, this year this indicator is zero. Young people in the district are trying to diversify. 73 pupils of the school and 864 children are generally fixed in circles like “Zhas Ulan”, “Zhas kyran”. When social associations, various clubs joyfully open their doors to those who want a low number of youth, it is quite logical, – thoughts Yerkebulan Abasov .

The article published innewspaper “Zhas Alash”. Article was written by Sayatkhan Satylganov and converted to multimedia post by Lashbayeva Madina.



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