How to distinguish fake news?

Nowadays ,fake news is the main problem of the media, as there are many news portals and social pages where written fake articles in favor of someone. Fake news generates conflict between the peoples, politicans .Many uninformed users of social networks can easily believe in fake news.

Firstly, from our kazakh media area I can give very good example  .On this portal, everyday we can see  very screaming headlines and a lot of fake information.It is very unethical for editors,to publish very shameful materials. This portal often write about the personal life of famous people, photos which I think are most likely not allowed by the depicted people.

Recently, in the Almaty region, in the village Saty, a landslide occurred. And instantly on social networks people start  to distribute the video where they shot how all this is happening. And viewers began to talk about this  situation from their own opinion, then of course there were started different rumors. On the second day somebody sent me a video where the mountain moves  with very fast speed. At first glance, I was very frightened, because I feel it like a natural catastrophe.Then,when I looked more closer and noticed that this video was edited by someone. And only then, on the TV news journalists began to talk about it. Even famous news  channels aloows to show this video. As we see, firstly they don’t check the material , secondly they leads to misleading people.

I think that in our country it is necessary to control such fake pages, and each media portal must check every word and every audio, video, photo material before publishing them. To do this, it is enough to know how check them by using Google tools. First of all, we journalists must  follow these rules.

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