Fake news and its consequences

With the beginning of  developing the internet, it became easier to produce fake news. There are many reasons to distribute it. For example, politicians are using fake news to get ahead of somebody. In addition, they have groups of people who make negative comments. These comments have an enormous impact on people who read it. For solving this problem media has a fact check section, which verifies the validity of factual statements of public people or in media.

It is not a secret that media educates people. In  developed countries it counts as 4th type of power. Media is really dangerous because of ability to manipulate people. Manipulating also plays huge role in politics and not only there. Propaganda deconstruction is a section of fact check resource where journalists investigate issues, which often relates to manipulation.



Always in our mobile phones we receive messages from our close people or even from someone we do not know with frightening content. For example “Be careful, through banana can be transmitted AIDS virus, send it to 10 people. Warn the others!!!” or “Beware of people who still your money from your card with special apparat!!!”. Mostly, people trust this type of messages and sellers can not find an income from bananas on the market and people hide their credit cards away. For this type of problem in media there is a section debunking.

Everyone has the right to know the truth. This directly affects journalists and all media workers, including bloggers. Because every person with his social networking page is already considered a mini-media, since he has his own audience. More theory about struggling wirh fake news here.




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