Fake news and its consequences

Photo from the Internet

Recently, fake news has become debated, and it’s no secret that it’s because of the Internet, and its unlimited. In particular, we very often encounter fake news. And here are the faults of non-professional journalists who do not check the information. Does not conduct research and is not interested in the source. This is the biggest mistake of some journalists. But at the same time people also should not blindly believe the Internet, media, and even the TV. In the common people there is a very erroneous opinion, all that is shown on the TV is true. But this is far from the truth, again the role of literacy of the journalist and his whole team plays here. Some journalists can easily write fake news, but you should understand that for every your written word you are responsible. And the worst thing you will answer for it before the law. And the journalist should understand that behind him is the people who believe him, and another important factor is his reputation. From a purely practical point of view, lying is often more profitable, even if it is the most improbable and easily refuted lie. And every people must know that not only for the “creation” of such news, but also for the dissemination  you are responsible to the law. And there are consequences of fake news from law’s perspective:

On May 6, amendments to the law “On Amendments and Additions to Some Legislative Acts of the Republic of Kazakhstan on the Activities of Internal Affairs Bodies” came into force, and amendments to the Criminal Code regarding the responsibility for disseminating knowingly false information could threaten up to ten years of imprisonment. 



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