Fake news and its consequences

Keep in mind that misleading information in the form of humor may imprisonment up to 10 years.

Recently, the mass media has been exposed to fake information spreading harmful to the state, harmful to human security.  But not all of us knows that it can be considered as a serious criminal activity.

The strengthening in law about misleading information  was triggered by fraudulent scandals in the banks of the country, whereby three banks in Kazakhstan were blamed for bankruptcy. In spite of the authorities’ statements that the banks were in no danger, investors had withdrawn tens of billions of tenge in a few days.

Due to criminal code (article 274), a large fine or imprisonment of up to ten years is imposed on “fraudulent public disclosure or serious threats to public order or rights of individuals or organizations or society”.  Let’s not forget that these laws can lead people to freedom of expression.

Let us recall the story between the “Zhas Alash” newspaper and the head of the “Zhas-ay” Medical Center, Zhasan Zekeiuly, that was two years ago, in March 2016. Zhasan Zekeiuly, the head of the “Zhas-ay” medical center, complained to the court that “Zhas-Alash” newspaper was published fake information for its name that could undermine his reputation. Initially the newspaper Zhas Alash was found as having disseminated false information, and the court fined 40 million tenge. Subsequently, the court decision was revised and the fine was reduced to 5 million tenge. After that head of Zhas-Ai Medical Center Zhasan Zekeyuly says that he is satisfied with the decision of the judicial collegium.

It is also important to bear in mind the responsibility used to report fraudulent reports on the act of terrorism. A false statement about an act of terrorism is understood to be inaccurate.

Keep in mind that jokes in the form of reporting that the bomb is somewhere bombed by law enforcement agencies are punishable by a sentence of up to six years’ imprisonment (Article 273 of the Criminal Code).

Be careful not to spread false information and warn your relatives and friends of criminal liability! We can save ourselves by safeguarding others.

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