Fake news or reliable information?

Fake news is a threat to all media and it’s very dangerous for journalists, who write a true articles and give to nation reliable information. Nowadays, fake news has merged into the media system and it’s not clear where is the true news and where lies.

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Fake news is the same as libel. To write lies or give information about person is a fake. It is important for Kazakhstan to find the answer to the global call for the distribution of Fake News. Each media portal must to introduce news organizations to verify information on truthfulness.

Basically, fake news is used in political circles. When it comes to resolving the l

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aw or questions of Kazakhstan’s economy, ministers can say one information in a closed session, but journalists will write another news, and this is also a new chapter called corruption. For example, the US have very interesting system. D. Trump gave a motivation for fake journalists. The best fake news in the united states is given the premium for the best fake.

To solve this problem, Kazakhstan and another countries must to create a new system.

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